Building trust through quality laboratory equipment and cutting-edge equipment for scientific excellence, we are leaders in the import, distribution and marketing of laboratory equipment. We turn the laboratory into your home, providing you with useful tips, industry news, and much more. Deepen your understanding and master your skills with Kamesky, your trusted partner in the world of science.

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We are a leading company in the import, distribution and marketing of laboratory equipment. We work efficiently and precisely on every Product, so our commitment to innovation means we are always one step ahead, offering products that transform the way you work and improve your results. Welcome to a Space where Science comes to Life.


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The objective of our Work Team represents the aspirations and goals for the future, connected with a commercial strategy that goes beyond the sale through an open and friendly dialogue, which allows us to establish an approach that strengthens the principles and values of our firm not because of what we sell but because of how we do it.


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At Kamesky we provide you with a positive and humanized experience, complementing all your needs from the orientation of your requirements, identification, use, induction and transfer to the final adaptation of each of the products we represent, which goes hand in hand with the end user and customer. to provide quality service to each and every one of us who are part of the community that requires assistance and timely diagnosis.

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